iNurse Center for Excellence, Inc. is the Product of a team of high-caliber and seasoned lecturers, academics, licensed training instuctors and other professionals who are experts in the nursing and medical fields. We are committed to finding solutions to the growing needs of the nursing industry. We promote holistic development for the future to help develop globally-competitive nurses. As we envision a more dynamic and innovative response to our nation’s challenge to empower nurses, recognize the importance and competent nurses. The iNurse team aims to provide excellent, efficient, and quality comprehensive healthcare programs and up-to-date teaching methods which fosters cooperation, integrity and camaraderie among students, and promote academic excellence and social transformation. ​ Honed by several years of experience in helping students plan and prepare of their future, we devote ourselves to deliver total solutions unparalleled by any in the industry.


  • To create an organizational culture that promotes integrity, camaraderie, hard work in pursuit of excellence.
  • To influence professional growth, and global competitiveness in conjuction with local and international links.


To be a center of excellence in providing trainings, seminars and review programs.

Core Values

  • We believe in Excellence, Efficiency, Effectiveness and Competence.
  • We Innovate, Equip and Empower.
  • We Motivate, Train, and Develop globally competitive nurses.
  • We maximize your full potential by strengthening your core foundation.
  • We aim to provide professional training program.
  • We walk our talk.


"Build a strong foundation so it can withstand even the stongest storm."

Our Team

Sonny M. Moreno, RN, MAN

President & CEO

Donna R. Moreno, DMD, RN, MAN

Corporate Secretary

Anton Sebastian R. Rivera, RN

Training Manager

Agustin Miguel R. Moreno


Ruby Ann Rosales

Executive Secretary

Daphne Ruiz Miranda MD, RN, MAN

iNurse Consultant

John Leslie Ines, RN

NCLEX Processing Officer, PH

Camille Jon Maree Tito, RND

NCLEX Processing Officer, USA

Rovie V. Gonzales, RN, MAN


Raiza De Guzman, RN